SOTA : G/LD049 - Kirkby Moor

334m, 1 point | IO84KF

Activation date : 9 April 2021
Band :
2m (145 FM)
Kit : 
FT60 with Slim Jim antenna
Summit to Summit QSOs: 1

This really is my local SOTA, just a few miles from home by car.  And it's a nice easy walk that takes around 20 minutes if walking from the Gawthwaite side.  It's a summit I've activated may times for SOTA and contests.

On this particular activation, which was a Friday afternoon, I logged 17 QSOs with 1 S2S; Easington Fell.  It's a good 2m takeoff to the South.  Thanks, as always, to those who came back to my calls.

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QSOs :

Time Callsign Band Mode
13:03 2E0FRS 144MHz FM
13:11 G1PIE 144MHz FM
13:14 2E1HQY 144MHz FM
13:16 G4DEE 144MHz FM
13:22 2E0JCM 144MHz FM
13:23 M7MCG 144MHz FM
13:25 M0NOM 144MHz FM
13:27 M5UK 144MHz FM
13:33 2E0LKC 144MHz FM
13:42 M7JCC 144MHz FM
13:47 MW0RSV 144MHz FM
13:58 GW4GRW/P 144MHz FM
14:00 M7AYH/M 144MHz FM
14:02 2E0LMD 144MHz FM
14:02 M7BCW 144MHz FM
14:08 2E0GPV 144MHz FM
14:11 G8CPZ/P 144MHz FM