SOTA : G/LD037 - Little Mell Fell

505m, 2 points | IO84NO

Activation date : 5 May 2021
Band :
2m (145 FM)
Kit : 
FT60 with external battery, 5 element yagiantenna
Summit to Summit QSOs: 1

Parking can be difficult, but there was room for 2 cars when we got there around 10.30.  It's a well defined track up to the summit, which is quite steep at the start - you certainly feel like you've earned your 2 points !

Bit of a difficult summit for 2m, so I'd taken the 5 element beam to help and all in all 11 QSOs were added to the SOTA log which included 2 S2S QSOs ; Cringle Moor and Great Mell Fell.  I'd also taken the 4m handie, so got a S2S over to Great Mell Fell on 4m.  Thanks as always to everyone who came back to the calls.

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QSOs :

10:05 G4OBK/P 144MHz FM
10:09 G0TDM 144MHz FM
10:11 G0PMJ 144MHz FM
10:14 G4WHA/M 144MHz FM
10:18 M7AVT 144MHz FM
10:20 2E0MIX/M 144MHz FM
10:23 2E0SS 144MHz FM
10:31 GM3VMB 144MHz FM
10:41 G4VFL/P 144MHz FM
10:46 G1OAE 144MHz FM
10:50 G4VFL/P 70MHz FM

M0KPW kit on the summit of G/LD037