SOTA : G/LD032 - Whitfell (2)

573m, 2 points | IO84IH

Activation date : 7 July 2021
Band :
2m (145 FM) and 6cm (5665MHz)
Kit : 
FT60 with external battery, Slim Jim antenna PLUS 5.6GHz ATV kit
Summit to Summit QSOs: 1

Whitfell is another SOTA that I class a local, it's about a 35 minute drive from home (although only a few miles as the crow flies), with parking available at the top of Corney Fell (parking available for 3 or 4 vehicles).  As it's a 'local' it's a summit I've done a few times this year - it's about a 60 minutes walk, not too challenging on assent but there's some distance to cover and it's usually quite boggy in places, even in the height of summer.  The object of this activation was for a sked to the Great Orme on 5.6GHz ATV using my portable ATV kit.  Whitfell has a good LOS path to the Great Orme with a distance of around 120km.  The ATV activation was planned for 11am local time and was a great success with p5 signals received both ways.  2m FM talkback was also achieved on 144.750MHz.

As this is a good 2m summit with a cracking tack off to the South I made time for some 2m FM with 15 QSOs were added to the SOTA log which included 1 S2S QSO to Skiddaw.  Thanks as always to everyone who came back to the calls.

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QSOs :

Time Callsign Band Mode
09:35 G0HIK 144MHz FM
09:47 G6LKB 144MHz FM
09:51 G7CDA 144MHz FM
09:52 GW4ZPL 144MHz FM
09:52 M7AYH/M 144MHz FM
09:53 G1OAE 144MHz FM
09:55 G1OHH 144MHz FM
11:07 M0VCM/P 144MHz FM
11:12 M0VAZ 144MHz FM
11:13 G0HRT 144MHz FM
11:25 G0MHF 144MHz FM
11:28 G7WKX 144MHz FM
11:29 MW7FON 144MHz FM
11:32 G0RXA 144MHz FM
11:32 G7KSE 144MHz FM

M0KPW 5.6GHz ATV on the summit of G/LD032