SOTA : G/LD027 - Place Fell

657m, 4 points | IO84MN

Activation date : 24 June 2021
Band :
2m (145 FM)
Kit : 
FT60 with external battery, Slim Jim antenna
Summit to Summit QSOs: 3

This was another new summit.  We parked in Patterdale (£5.00 for the days parking) and walked up to Place Fell, which took about 80 minutes with a few stops.  Well defined path all the way to the summit, with 'steps' on the steepest parts of the path.

Difficult 2m path from Place Fell to the South, so only managed 8 QSOs, but thanks as always to those who came back to the calls.  Next time I'll try with the 5 element yagi instead of the Slim Jim to see if that improves the takeoff. 

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QSOs :

Time Callsign Band Mode
10:48 GM4VFL/P 144MHz FM
11:07 G8CPZ/P 144MHz FM
11:09 G0TDM 144MHz FM
11:11 M7AVT 144MHz FM
11:11 G4WHA/M 144MHz FM
11:18 2E0HCS 144MHz FM
11:29 G6LKB 144MHz FM
12:00 GW0IBE/P 144MHz FM
M0KPW activating G/LD027

M0KPW activating G/LD027