SOTA : G/LD024 - Pike of Blisco

705m, 6 points | IO84KK

Activation date : 19 May 2021
Band :
2m (145 FM)
Kit : 
FT60 with external battery, Slim Jim antenna
Summit to Summit QSOs: 4

Car parking for this one can be tricky, but getting there early is a big help.  You need to park off the road on Wrynose Pass, so choose your parking spot carefully!

This is a reasonable walk on a reasonably well defined path, but we did check the route before hand as it's not obvious from the start.  Once past Red Tarn it becomes more well defined.  Again this summit has a good 2m takeoff and 15 QSOs were added to the SOTA log which included 4 S2S QSOs ; Hart Fell, Scaw'd Fell, Helvellyn and Moel Siabod.  Plus Nick G0HIK (my SOTA buddy) had taken microwave kit, so a 23cm and 13cm QSO were in the log too.  Thanks as always to everyone who came back to the calls.

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QSOs :

Time Callsign Band Mode
09:41 GM4VFL/P 144MHz FM
09:47 GM4COX/P 144MHz FM
09:56 GM4COX/P 2.3GHz FM
10:03 GW4ZRP 144MHz FM
10:05 M0JFE 144MHz FM
10:07 G4FUI 144MHz FM
10:10 G10HH 144MHz FM
10:20 M0NOM 144MHz FM
10:24 G8CPZ 144MHz FM
10:28 G0TDM 144MHz FM
10:42 G6WBS/P 144MHz FM
10:49 GW4VPX/P 144MHz FM
10:53 M7AYH/M 144MHz FM
11:14 G7CDA 144MHz FM
11:40 G4ZRP 1240MHz FM

M0KPW operating on the summit of G/LD024