SOTA : G/LD022 - Seat Sandal

737m, 6 points | IO84II

Activation date : 9 July 2021
Band :
2m (145 FM)
Kit : 
FT60 with external battery, 5 element yagi antenna
Summit to Summit QSOs: 4

Another that had been on the list for some time!  We parked on the side of the A591 dual carriageway, near Dunmail Raise Cairn.  There was plenty of parking at 10.45 when we arrived on a Friday in July (not the school holidays).  Time to the summit was just short of 1 hour.  It's a steep old summit, and the first half was quite the back breaker - but the weather was overcast and not too warm so it wasn't too bad.  The summit is lovely and flat with great views of Dolly Waggon, Helvellyn, Fairfield, St Sunday Crag and a whole lot more.

This summit has a fantastic 2m takeoff (for some reason I thought it would be poor, which is why I took the yagi in favour of the Slim Jim).  I managed 23 QSOs (1 on 23cm FM with Nick G0HIKs kit) , including 4 S2S QSOs which included; Shining Tor, Kirk Fell, Seatallan and Rhialgwm.  Thanks as always to everyone who came back to the calls.

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QSOs :

Time Callsign Band Mode
11:39 M7BIA/P 144MHz FM
11:41 M1DYU 144MHz FM
11:42 G0TDM 144MHz FM
11:43 M0DXT 144MHz FM
11:44 G8CPZ 144MHz FM
11:46 G7CDA 144MHz FM
11:47 G1OHH 144MHz FM
11:48 G6LKB 144MHz FM
11:51 G4ZRP 144MHz FM
11:54 GW4ZPL 144MHz FM
11:55 M7BCW 144MHz FM
11:56 2E0EOY 144MHz FM
11:59 G5AIB/P 144MHz FM
12:03 G0HRT 144MHz FM
12:09 M0MZB/P 144MHz FM
12:16 M7AYH 144MHz FM
12:19 MW6BWA/P 144MHz FM
12:22 2W0BML 144MHz FM
12:23 G6AEK 144MHz FM
12:25 G6HMX 144MHz FM
12:28 M1AVV/M 144MHz FM
12:31 M7LEM 144MHz FM
12:45 G4ZRP 1240MHz FM

M0KPW at the summit of G/LD022